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The Initiative is an accelerator program for women providing the necessary tools to succeed – education, mentoring, confidence in raising money, and one of the largest networks in cannabis.


We couple the right tools with access to funding and an unparalleled understanding of cannabis regulatory and market forces.

The Initiative accelerator program works with female founded, post revenue businesses in the consumer goods market segment- but we are open if you do something amazing in one of the other market segments. 

Should I Apply?

If your cannabis business has at least one female founder, you should consider applying if:

You are interested in aggressive national growth and are ready to take your business to the next level.

You are ready to raise money, even if it’s for the first time. This means seed stage through Series A. 

Your product exists in production, no matter what stage, in any legal state. We are not an incubator for concept stage businesses.

You are ambitious, driven and ready to dominate the market. Founder spend three full months working in-house and attending classes, meetings, dinners and more.

You are interested in learning the absolute fundamentals of business strategy, team building, executive training and marketing and branding.

How It Works

On May 1, 2019, the Initiative opens applications for our second three month accelerator program beginning in September in Portland, Oregon. This is an intensive, business accelerator where businesses will receive immersive, hands on training.

Created and supported by experts in each field, brought in from across the country, this program prepares you and your business to fulfill your strategic goals and raise the capital you need to grow.

Areas of focus

  • Strategic growth
  • Pitch deck creation
  • Executive training
  • Understanding fundraising
  • Team building
  • Financial basics, budgets, creation of financials
  • Branding, marketing, social media and website creation and improvement
  • Negotiating deals, corporate structure and employment law
  • Ongoing feedback on fundraising strategy in preparation to go out and raise
  • Ongoing mentoring from someone selected specifically for and matched with your needs


At the end of the program, each business will have the opportunity to pitch to a group of investors who have made a commitment to fund female founded businesses in this space through an exclusive curated demo day. There are also opportunities for individual support for fundraising when businesses are beyond friends and family.

Applications for 2019 are closed. We work with businesses from anywhere. Please seriously consider whether your business is prepared to dig in for an intensive and all-consuming business accelerator.



Applications for 2019 are currently closed. We will be reaching out to applicants over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about your application, please email us. We will also be hosting Females to the Front Retreat in Palm Springs on September 12-15. Head to the website and sign up for the newsletter for more information.

The Initiative